Inclose is all about trust

Our focus is to protect your integrity


Relax and interact

Our vision is to create a cyber space where you feel free to relax and interact. Where you, me and everyone else have control over our information even when sharing it with others.


Most people 
…are aware of the lack of security and integrity online. Nevertheless, we share more information than ever before. Like most people you are probably concerned about who has access to your information. If so, you have come to the right place. 

Our platform

For over a decade, we have carried out demonstrations and prototyping in domains with high requirements on security, integrity and interoperability. Our platform as a service is the result of that journey. The platform has no backdoors. We can’t access your data or encryption keys. So when you stop sharing, no information is left behind. 

It creates information exchange through interaction, not systems integration, in a way that has proven to be more secure, cost-efficient, scalable and flexible than other alternatives available. 


Our apps

Our apps help people organize the business of their lives.


TRIXXA handles coordination and communication about your activities in one channel and in one flow. It is a dynamic and interactive service to fix and synch all your activities both at work and at home. It enables realtime coordination of all your activities. For more information please visit

Digital healthcare

Coordination of activities plays an important role when healthcare is provided in the home of the patient. We will develop a suit of apps that coordinates activities like medical checkups, medication, transports, meal deliveries, and much more. The apps will handle the interaction between the patient, their relatives, healthcare and other service providers, their systems, services and apps as well as working as a secure back-end to Internet-of-Things.

Our latest updates

“We create a cyber space where you can relax and interact”


We have received co-funding from ALMI, which will enable us to continue the development of our apps. The apps will simplify coordination between different actors while at the same time protecting the users’ information. 


Along with six other Swedish start-ups, we were chosen among a large number of companies to showcase ourselves at the NASDAQ MarketSite. The opportunity granted us access to SACC New York’s Business Matchmaking Program.


TRIXXA is now available on App Store and Google Play, for more information please visit

About us

At Inclose we take pride in what we do
We strive to find real solutions to real problems. Every aspect of what we do is fueled by our curiosity, our courage and our willingness to challenge ourselves.